• Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Self-Awareness in Reconfigurable Computing Systems: Full volume

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Front matter
Preface and workshop organisation. (pdf)
Tobias Becker
Invited talks
Building Intelligent Space Exploration Missions. (abstract)
Mike Hinchey
From Self-Aware Robotics to Adaptive Silicon Chips: Knobs and Monitors. (abstract)
Andy Tyrrell
Autonomic Configuration of Dynamic Protocol Stacks. (paper)
Ariane Keller, Daniel Borkmann, Stephan Neuhaus and Markus Happe
Multi-Objective Self-Optimization of Reconfigurable Designs with Machine Learning. (paper)
Maciej Kurek, Tianchi Liu and Wayne Luk
Decomposing Run-time Resource Management in Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Systems. (paper)
Stefan Wildermann and Juergen Teich
Dynamically Shifted Scrubbing for Fast FPGA Repair. (paper)
Leonardo Santos, Gabriel Nazar and Luigi Carro
Towards a Dynamic Evolutionary Approach to FPGA Temperature Management. (paper)
Peter Lewis, Walter Chibamu and Xin Yao
Using Statistical Assertions to Guide Self-Adaptive Systems. (paper)
Tim Todman, Stephan Stilkerich and Wayne Luk
Designing Self-Adaptive Smart Spaces for Energy Saving. (paper)
Alessandro A. Nacci, Christian Pilato, Marco Santambrogio and Donatella Sciuto